Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for long term care and what is the cost?

There are two options for paying for long term care. The first is from private assets that are available to the resident and the second is Massachusetts Medicaid. Blueberry Hill offers three different room options each with their own costs. For residents with Long Term Care Insurance check with your insurance provider to see what your policy covers, this will help offset the cost of nursing home care but will most likely not cover the full expense. Medicaid eligible residents are responsible for paying their income to Blueberry Hill and Medicaid covers the rest of the expenses. Medicaid eligibility is different for community-based applications. Basic requirements for Medicaid eligibility in a long-term care facility are:

What happens when private funds run out and who assists with applying for Medicaid?

When private assets exhaust and residents are eligible for Medicaid the facility can assist with completing a Medicaid application or recommend a Medicaid specialist or elder care attorneys that are qualified to assist. There is no change in the level of care that is provided to the resident based on the payer source.

Is there a doctor on staff or how often does the doctor see the patients at Blueberry Hill?

We are pleased to partner with many area specialists who are affiliated with area hospitals and round at the facility frequently. Residents have the choice to select their physician to follow them during their stay with us in our setting. Our physicians are always on call and in direct communication with our nursing staff to ensure that quality care is given, day or night.

Do you have nurses and certified nurse’s aides 24 hours per day?

There is always nursing and certified nurse’s aides at Blueberry Hill to assist and assess our residents. Nurses provide various treatments ordered by physicians as well as administer medications and our certified nurse’s aides are available to assist with all activities of daily living.

Who gets therapy and how often?

Therapy is ordered by the physician and the frequency of therapy sessions is determined by each patient’s individualized plan of care. The Therapy Team offers Respiratory, Physical, Occupation, and Speech Therapy up to seven days per week. Upon admissions to our setting, each patient is screened by the Rehab team. Residents of Blueberry Hill are screened and treated by the therapy department upon admission. This ensures that our residents are at their highest functioning level and given the direction and tools they need to become as safe and independent as possible.

What are visiting hours?
(Important – Please take a look at our efforts against Coronavirus)

Blueberry Hill does not limit the hours of visitation. We encourage guests to visit at all times as long as it does not disrupt the care and wellbeing of our residents.

Can dogs/pets visit? (Important – Please take a look at our efforts against Coronavirus)

Yes, dogs/pets can visit as long as they are on a leash. However, pets cannot enter the main dining space, but visitors are allowed to bring pets in and utilize the other main visiting spaces at any time.

Can families reserve space for events such as birthday parties?

Yes, we suggest that you contact our activities department so that they can assist you/talk to you about arranging a party for your loved one. Also, you can bring your own party items.

Do you have a hairdresser?

Blueberry Hill does have a hair salon that is open on Tuesday’s from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm and Thursday’s from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. If you would like to make an appointment you can inform your attending nurse to arrange an appointment. Please note* – All payments must be made in the form of cash or an account that has been opened in our Business Office upon admission. No Credit Cards are accepted.

Do you have televisions and phones?

The facility is able to provide the use of televisions and telephones to residents at No Cost. All residents are encouraged to bring in their own cell phone if desired.

What should I bring with me?

Will I have a roommate?

Though the facility offers both private and semi-private rooms, it is possible that upon admissions you will have a roommate. Room placement is dependant upon availability and need.

How does laundry work?

We have a laundry system you may utilize at no extra cost. If you choose to use this, please provide clothes in a labeled bag to the nursing station. We then will have the housekeeping department label the clothes and return promptly to the assigned room. You can also choose to take the laundry home with you to wash.

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