“They are all so wonderful here. The nurses have been great. Without them, I would have lost my temper at times. If I am having a bad day, the staff will sit with me and take time to talk to me.

Before I came here, I had 4 falls at home in a week. I couldn’t do things in my apartment. From the hospital, I went to another place but, I didn’t like it. I got transferred here and I am very glad to be here. My sister tells me that the staff spoil me. I just started working with therapy again. I am walking with a walker and feeling stronger. I also have a great roommate. We share our stuff and get along well. I love it here.

–Donald Smith

“I stayed for a short time. They treated me very good. The food was good and I liked it. I had things to do. They gave me activities in my room. I like that the therapy helped me. I was happy they did speak Spanish and they understood me.”

–Altagracia Alonzo

“I do every therapy session that comes my way. It wakes me up and gets my blood circulating. I see the nurse practitioner regularly. She is really good. I don’t have any favorites, but nursing is also very good to me. I’m a good guy and they treat me as a gentleman.

90% of the time, when they do my laundry, it is back the same day. I am very happy that I got both COVID vaccines here. The shots didn’t bother me at all. All my needs are being met here.”

–Bill Maihos

“In the long run, I think that the staff here are wonderful. I have developed my own little clique with my neighbors around me. The nursing staff have been very kind and courteous. Once I get my prosthetic leg, I will start working with rehab again. They will help me to get back on my feet again. When I do that, I will return to my home. I want to golf again.”

–Stephen Ward

Testimonial“During my two stays here at Blueberry Hill, I have found the staff to be not only very efficient but very friendly and caring. I would highly recommend treatment here for anyone in need of rehab. I would come here in a heartbeat and you should too!”

–Donald Parker

TestimonialLeaving On My Own Two Feet

“I am sad to be leaving Blueberry Hill, but I am happy to be returning home. The rehab is very good here. I came here in a wheelchair and I am now walking out of there.”

–Flaura Glichouse


Fallon Testimonial“The people are great here at Blueberry Hill. Anna in the gym was excellent and the Director, Paul was always so encouraging. I was as comfortable as could be. I came into Blueberry Hill in a wheelchair from Beverly Hospital and after a week of therapy, I am able to walk just fine now. Even though I am younger I felt well taken care of and completely comfortable here. I would definitely recommend Blueberry Hill to others who are in need of rehab services.”

–Michael Fallon

Thomas Walker“When I arrived at Blueberry Hill for rehab, I was really weak and sick. I am so glad I came here because not only did I get the help that I needed – I also learned a lot about myself… And now I am going home today! I am so grateful to the staff here.”

–Thomas Walker
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