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Happy Birthday to all February Residents!

We’re wishing a very Happy Birthday to all of our residents with February birthdays with a performance from Jim Moses!

Blueberry Hill Steps in Time!

We loved ballroom dancing with Michael from Steps in Time Boston! He really knows how to get us moving!

Chasing Away Winter with Floral Arrangement Classes

How do you cure the winter blues? With fresh cut floral arrangements! We taught residents how to create beautiful displays to brighten up their days.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Blueberry Hill!

A “Sweet” time was had by all this Valentine’s Day. We treated everyone to delicious desserts to show how much we love all of our residents here!

Residents Work Together to make Beautiful Quilt

Residents worked as a team to create this beautiful hand painted quilt. It’s now being proudly displayed in our front lobby.

The Chinese New Year at Blueberry Hill

We enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year by painting ceramic dragons!

Blueberry Hill Thanks Our Activities Professionals this Activities Professionals

“Being an Activity Director is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve had. I left it for a few years to pursue a career in Marketing, it just wasn’t the same. Seeing our residents smile, means everything to me and I am proud to be able to add fun and meaning to their daily life.” – Lynne Nieman, Activities Director

This Activities Professionals Week we at Blueberry Hill are extending our heartfelt gratitude to our Activity Director, Lynne Nieman, and all of our activity professionals for all of the exciting events that they bring us without fail. Thank you for always finding new and exciting ways to brighten up our residents’ lives!

Residents Make Accordion Snowmen

Who said you need snow to build a snowman? Residents had so much fun creating these accordion snowmen!

Resident Donates Christmas Decorations in a Heartwarming Story

This is Mary. She’s one of our long-term residents, and this year she asked her son to bring her Christmas decorations in so that she could donate them to us. We invited her to be president of our decoration committee and she was so happy to be able to bring all her treasured memories with her to share with our other residents. Thank you, Mary!

Sir Erik the Alpaca Visits Blueberry Hill

“Sir Erik” from Harvard Alpaca Ranch came to visit Blueberry Hill earlier this week! Not sure who was more excited, residents or staff!

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