Areas We Serve

Blueberry Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center proudly offers the following services in the following areas:

Long Term Care Beverly Farms, MA
Long Term Care Danvers, MA
Long Term Care Essex, MA
Long Term Care Hamilton, MA
Long Term Care Ipswich, MA
Long Term Care Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
Long Term Care Marblehead, MA
Long Term Care Peabody, MA
Long Term Care Salem, MA
Long Term Care Swampscott, MA
Long Term Care Wenham, MA

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Beverly Farms, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Danvers, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Essex, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Hamilton, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Ipswich, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Marblehead, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Peabody, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Salem, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Swampscott, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Wenham, MA

Short Term Care Beverly Farms, MA
Short Term Care Danvers, MA
Short Term Care Essex, MA
Short Term Care Hamilton, MA
Short Term Care Ipswich, MA
Short Term Care Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
Short Term Care Marblehead, MA
Short Term Care Peabody, MA
Short Term Care Salem, MA
Short Term Care Swampscott, MA
Short Term Care Wenham, MA

and other surrounding communities!